Happy Lemon

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Happy Lemon
October 2020

The self-titled Happy Lemon project is a redesign of the boba franchise’s North American desktop website. This was created as a class project that tasked the students to redesign the website for an already existing business. Since there was only one location of Happy Lemon in Oregon during the time of this project, I wanted to revisit the boba shop since I would occasionally order from them during family trips where they were more common. While researching Happy Lemon, I found myself looking through multiple websites that were dedicated to a specific city that they were located in. Taking my confusion as a customer into consideration, I made it a goal to collect the information into one website targeting its North American customers.

Images by Happy Lemon

Menu Page
From my experiences trying out new boba shops, I would be fascinated by their unique drinks and order their specialties. As a digital way to relive this experience, I visually centered images of their drinks on the menu page. The menu page features one front and center on the screen for new customers to look at. To explore the rest of the menu, there’s an arrow at the bottom of the screen that will pull up the other items available to order.