PSU Kaibigan

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PSU Kaibigan
March 2020

PSU Kaibigan was founded by Filipino American students at PSU during the school year of 2002-2003. Having founded Kaibigan in the principles of progressive values and ideals, they came together with a vision to form a student organization that works to advance the educational, cultural, social, and political development of Filipino students through collective organizing towards social justice and social change.

The mission of PSU Kaibigan is to unite and empower Filipino and Filipino-American students at PSU through educational, cultural, political, and social activities, while celebrating the Filipino-American experience.

After my first term as their Publicity Director, I experienced the feeling of being in a family outside of the home for the first time. For this, I took the opportunity of a class project to dedicate a rebrand to the organization.

This design was based off of one of my first conversations with the members of the organization. As Filipinos and Filipino-Americans, we were excited to bring our culture into the PSU space. An idea that stuck was the use of Baybayin. This is a writing system that was used before Spanish colonization of the Philippines. Although it is no longer used, many young Filipinos and Filipino-Americans frequently bring it back as an art.
PSU Kaibigan Secondary Logo