The Human Condition

An interpretation of the lyrics by Jon Bellion.

The Human Condition
June 2019

The Human Condition was a redesign project of a studio album by Jon Bellion of the same name. From research of the songs’ lyrics and previous artwork done for the album, it was determined to take a more literal representation of Bellion’s words. This resulted in designing the album in a stained-glass style as it references the artist’s relationship with his faith and its expression through his go-to instrument.

The Human Condition

Lyrics Analysis

Official Tracklist
  1. He is the Same
  2. 80’s Films
  3. New York Soul (Part II)
  4. Fashion
  5. Maybe IDK
  6. Woke the Fuck Up
  7. Overwhelming
  8. Weight of the World (featuring Blaque Keyz)
  9. The Good in Me
  10. Morning in America
  11. iRobot
  12. Guillotine (featuring Travis Mendes)
  13. Hand of God
Maybe IDK
Although I guess if I knew
I guess I wouldn’t need faith
I guess if I never fell
I guess I wouldn’t need grace
I guess if I knew His plans
I guess He wouldn’t be God,
God, God

Hand of God
When you’re lost in the universe,
lost in the universe, don’t lose faith
My mother says, “Your whole
life’s in the hand of God”
New York Soul (Part II)
See, my joy lies in the Son and you
should jump on that

Dropped off in the land
where the artists play
Where God’s way is the hardest way
Told myself I’m keeping my faith
If it costs me my reputation,
then take it, I give it all away